company in Arabic

Meaning of company in Arabic is: (شركة) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

company in Arabic

Arabic for company

1) company-noun


  ∘ company meaning in Arabic & English

a business organization that makes money by producing or selling goods or services

منظمة تجارية تكسب المال من خلال إنتاج أو بيع السلع أو الخدمات

  ∘ Examples of company in Arabic and English

He works for a company that builds computers.

يعمل في شركة تصنع الحواسيب.

The company launched a new advertising campaign.

أطلقت الشركة حملة إعلانية جديدة.

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She started her own company last year.

بدأت شركتها الخاصة العام الماضي.

The company's profits increased by 20% this quarter.

زادت أرباح الشركة بنسبة 20٪ هذا الربع.

  ∘ How to pronounce company in English?

The word company is pronounced in English as