country in Arabic

Meaning of country in Arabic is: (بلد) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

country in Arabic

Arabic for country

1) country-noun


  ∘ country meaning in Arabic & English

an area of land that has or used to have its own government and laws

البلد هي مساحة من الأرض لها حكومتها وقوانينها الخاصة أو كانت لها حكومتها و قوانينها

  ∘ Examples of country in Arabic and English

France is a European country.

فرنسا بلد أوروبي.

She visited her country last summer.

زارت بلدها الصيف الماضي.

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Each country has its own culture.

لكل بلد ثقافته الخاصة.

Each country is known for its traditional cuisine.

كل بلد معروف بمأكولاته التقليدية.

  ∘ How to pronounce country in English?

The word country is pronounced in English as