dress in Arabic

Meaning of dress in Arabic is: (فُسْتَان) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

dress in Arabic

Arabic for dress

1) dress-noun


  ∘ Plural of فستان in Arabic


  ∘ Examples of dress in Arabic and English

I need a new dress form my eldest sister's wedding

أحتاج فستانا جديدا لعرس أختي الكبرى

The dress looks great, right?

يبدو الفستان جميلا, أليس كذلك؟

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Lila wore a long red dress

ارتدت ليلى فستانا أحمر طويلا

  ∘ How to pronounce dress in English?

The word dress is pronounced in English as