his in Arabic

Meaning of his in Arabic is: (له) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

his in Arabic

Arabic for his

1) his-DET


  ∘ his meaning in Arabic & English

of or belonging to a man or boy who has already been mentioned or is easily identified

متعلق أو يخص رجلا أو صبيا تم ذكره مسبقا أو يمكن التعرف عليه بسهولة

  ∘ Examples of his in Arabic and English

This is his book.

هذا الكتاب له.

His ideas are innovative.

أفكاره مبتكرة.

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He lost his keys.

فقد مفاتيحه.

His dream came true.

حلمه تحقق.

His favorite color is blue.

لونه المفضل هو الأزرق.

His achievements are remarkable.

إنجازاته ملحوظة.

  ∘ How to pronounce his in English?

The word his is pronounced in English as