she in Arabic

Meaning of she in Arabic is: (هي) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

she in Arabic

Arabic for she

1) she-pronoun


  ∘ she meaning in Arabic & English

a pronoun used to refer to a female person or animal that has already been mentioned or is easily identified

ضمير يستخدم للإشارة إلى شخص أو حيوان أنثى تم ذكره سابقا أو يسهل تحديده

  ∘ Examples of she in Arabic and English

She loves to read.

هي تحب القراءة.

She is a talented musician.

هي موسيقية موهوبة.

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She has a beautiful voice.

هي تملك صوتا جميل.

She is coming to the party.

هي قادمة إلى الحفلة.

My sister is smart; she can solve the problem.

أختي ذكية؛ هي تستطيع حل المشكلة.

She ran faster than anyone else in the race.

هي ركضت بسرعة أكبر من أي شخص آخر في السباق.

  ∘ How to pronounce she in English?

The word she is pronounced in English as