things in Arabic

Meaning of things in Arabic is: (أَمْر) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

things in Arabic

Arabic for things

1) things -noun


  ∘ things meaning in Arabic & English

  ∘ Plural of أمر in Arabic


  ∘ Examples of things in Arabic and English

Think things over before starting the work or you will regret it

فكّر بالأمر قبل الشّروع بالعمل أو ستندم

Why do you make things difficult on your own parents?

لم تصعّب الأمور على والديك؟

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How are things going

كيف تجري أمورك

As things stands, the repels will be huge defeated

بالنّظر إلى الأمور كما هي عليه, ستدور الدّائرة على المتمرّدين

All things considered by our government

أخذت حكومتنا جميع الأمور بعين الاعتبار

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The word things is pronounced in English as



  ∘ things meaning in Arabic & English

Something that is needed or socially accepted

  ∘ Examples of things in Arabic and English

Parents teach their kids the right things to do and say

يعلّم الآباء أبناءهم قول وفعل الأمور الصّحيحة

The best thing you do is hard working and perseverance

أفضل أمر تفعله هو العمل الجادّ والمثابرة

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Shall I inform you about a thing which if you do it, you will be respected by all

هل أدلّك على أمر إن فعلته احترمك الجميع