when in Arabic

Meaning of when in Arabic is: (متى) among others. This article contains images, pronunciation, examples, and more!

when in Arabic

Arabic for when

1) when-adv


  ∘ when meaning in Arabic & English

an adverb indicating at what time or on what occasion

ظرف يدل على الزمان أو المناسبة

  ∘ Examples of when in Arabic and English

When did the concert start?

متى بدأ الحفل؟

She asked when they would arrive.

سألت متى سيصلون.

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I remember when we first met.

أتذكر متى التقينا لأول مرة.

He was wondering when to leave.

كان يتساءل متى يغادر.

Tell me when you are ready.

أخبرني متى تكون جاهزا.

They discussed when to start the project.

ناقشوا متى يبدأون المشروع.

  ∘ How to pronounce when in English?

The word when is pronounced in English as